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The route passes through Transllena municipalities of La Pobla de Cérvoles and Vilosell. Goes to the mountain range la Llena, where you can enjoy views of the Montsant mountains, much of the region of Les Garrigues and La Conca de Barberà, and on clear days, even Pyrenees.

Circular route leaving La Pobla de Cérvoles to climb the mountain's La Llena, followed it and down to return to La Pobla de Cérvoles (660m). Then go to Mas of Peret, go down the ravine, we will continue to find the way to River Set, we follow up to San Miguel de la Tosca. We went up to the neck of Abellar (1015m). We saw the back of La Llena, we passed the hill of Marradetes to the top of the Castanyola (901m). Its down to the Castle and finally arrived at La Pobla.

Total length of route: 13.3 km
Start Altitude: 660 m
Maximum altitude of the trail: 1015 m

Caminada Transllena

Leaves La Pobla de Cérvoles by the streets Major and Vilanova, following the first leg of the Transllena, before arriving at Mas de Peret breaks to go up the neck of Colmenar, it follows the ridge to the neck of Marradetes where is lowered, through the picnic area, and reach the town by the street Vilanova. (9.2 km.)