The whole year Prades

Villa located at 950 mts. altitude, it is called the Vila Vermella. The special orography of the massif and altitude give it a peculiar climate. Its history is rich in remarkable personages. Prades include the porchy square, the fountain, the gate of the wall and the old layout of the streets.



Monastery of Poblet

The whole year Poblet

Poblet is a monastery of Cistercian monks founded in 1150.In 1835 it was expropriated by the state; Until 1940 he did not regain his monastic life with a small community of monks from the same Order who came from Italy. Over the years, the various units that deserve to be visited have been restored. In 1991 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


The whole year Lleida

Lleida is an ancient city where many peoples have left their mark: Iberians, Romans, Arabs, etc. The Romanesque-Gothic cathedral of La Seu Vella, on a hill, dominates the city. At its feet is the commercial axis of the city. On a hill west, the 12th Century Gardeny Castle attests to Templar history.