In Lleida you will discover a different way to enjoy the leisure and the culture, as well as to buy and to taste the gastronomy. Lleida will make you live a lot, but, above all, it will make you feel much more. Lleida is the capital of the Segrià region and the province that bears the same name. It is the most important demographic and economic center of inland Catalonia. It bases its economy on the agri-food sector and all kinds of services.

The commercial activity, which has a long tradition and its roots in the city, extends to the Segrià region and the neighboring regions. The cultural facilities, such as the new University Campus, of the highest standard and opened in recent years, have greatly boosted the cultural life of the city. Lleida is a modern city, culturally active, well connected and located in a unique natural environment.

Lleida enjoys the privilege of hosting, in its layout, important natural areas such as the Natural Park of La Mitjana - an ecosystem of great natural and ecological value - the Segre river park or the Champs Elysees, as well as the Horta , the green belt that surrounds the city. This natural culture has made Lleida grow with environmental and quality values ​​within the framework of a sustainable city.